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Julie-Anne Gilburt Gallery from the beach
Julie-Anne Gilburt Gallery 'after' 1
Julie-Anne Gilburt Gallery 'after' 2
Julie-Anne Gilburt Gallery 1
Julie-Anne Gilburt Gallery frontage
Julie-Anne Gilburt Gallery The Brief: Contemporary artist Julie-Anne Gilburt has recently opened her JAG gallery on Madeira Drive, in Brighton. In May 2005, she had a big celebratory opening, with a very long guest list of customers. friends, media and celebrities. The 'top-floor' of the gallery (still under renovation) is a large rather bleak decking area flanked by original period cast iron, facing out to the sea. By skillful application of colour and beam shapes, we created a funky, seaside grotto theme, that harmonised with the colourful personalities at the party.
Photography courtesy of Karen Bengall
Bentley Motors: Broughtons The Brief: Broughtons are principal dealer of prestiege Bentley cars. When the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur was unveiled, we produced a suitably dignified and non-flashy combination of colour wash and contrast spots to highlight the pristine finish on the car.
Bentley car launch 2
Bentley car launch 3
Bentley car launch 4
Bentley car launch 1
Lighting case studies
Disco Lighting: Fender Europe. Mixture of Martin CX-2 colour changers and good old Datamoon and Chameleon-5, through smoke.