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Martin Professional CX-2 colourchanger DMX
The CX-2 houses a color wheel with 15 colors, 2 split colors plus open. An effect wheel with 10 gobos, 5 iris gobos and frost, plus open and closed. An electronic dimmer and variable strobe are also included. Industry-standard class unit. DMX or stand-alone mode. Supplied with Martin MC1 easy-controller for scroll, freeze and standard functions. Lovely colours with classic Martin gobos, which look gorgeous through haze. Great sound-to-light performance for disco, or static profile colour for bands, stage and interior architectural lighting. Lightweight, high-tech and compact. We love these lights, and they exemplify why Martin are class leaders in professional lighting design and production.

Chauvet Zipper

Compact DJ Series Fixture
Monflower Zips back and forth and rotates
Simulated Strobing
Constantly changing dichroic colours

Chauvet** DMX Colourtrack Spots
Great little single-channel compact high-brightness 150 watt focusable spots offering switchable 10 dichroic colours including quasi-UV purple and white plus strobe. Pack includes simple DMX-6 controller and linking leads.  Built-in sound activation when DMX not present.  Great for spot lighting bands, dancefloors, ceilings where static controllable colour is required. Also suitable as a basic simple follow-spot. Not dimmable.

Chauvet** DMX Omega 250C Wash/Spot
4-channel DMX colour-changer wash, with 14 excellent and versatile dichroic colors (includes UV) plus white.Split colors, variable speed of colour change, variable dimming, strobing. Super-bright 250 watt halogen with optimised optics, with optional diffusion filter. Built-in sound activation when DMX not present.  Great for wash lighting bands, stages, dancefloors, ceilings where static controllable colour is required. Can also be used as focusable spot.

NJD DMX Datamoon multicolour effects projector
Almost an industry standard in professional DJ world. The Datamoon is a 250 watt projector, that can run as a stand-alone sound to light unit via its built-in microphone, or be triggered from a dmx controller. Runs through pre-programmed sequences of colours and gobos, rotating, strobe, scroll etc. One of these with the Spectre floods and some smoke give great lighting for bands and dancing. Voted Best Disco Light in 2002, and deservedly so. Fast, clear and funky.

Constella Chameleon-5 multicolour effects projector
Dynamic 250 watt lighting effect from Constella. The Cham- 5 projects a circular pattern of 9 Gobo's that expand, contract and revolve to the beat of the music, via the built-in microphone. This, combined with 9 different Gobo's and 9 constantly changing dichroic colours, creates a new twist on projector-style lamps. The unit is available in two versions, with separate Gobo's and Colours . There is also a press-switch on unit to produce a slow 'cascade waterfall' effect which is great for mood lighting when projected on to walls and ceilings, and particularly nice projected onto trees at summer garden parties . We have two versions available: 5C is block-colour, and 5G has patterned gobos (including "Let's Party!)

Abstract Twister-4 DMX multicolour effect projector
High power 250watt 7 pure dichroic colours, projects rotating cone beams through fixed gobo, running through strobe and colour changes, using internal programme and sound-to-light. Great stand-alone for discos.

Acme Sunray multicolour effect projector
High power 300watt, projects 12 radiating multicolour beams through six lenses, using internal programme and sound-to-light. Superb for discos and parties.

Showtech Aquatic effect projector
The Aquatic is a professional lighting effect which creates realistic coloured water reflections with light!  It has four changing colours, which can be set to scroll/crossfade, merge or fixed. Lovely ambient effect projected onto marquee ceilings, walls, foliage, dancefloors, stages. Best used in pairs.

Soundlab Smoke generator
Compact unit. Comes with a full reservoir of premium-grade smoke fluid, and long-lead remote control. Produces very fine virtually odourless, harmless white 'smoke', that greatly enhances the effects of the lighting units above. Also great for bands and Spinal Tap moments!  For more info see our Questions page

Martin Professional Magnum 550 Smoke generator
The simplest fog solution housed in a professional body. The Magnum 550 fog machine provides the DJ with a perfect boost of dense white fog to enhance every light effect. Its fast heat-up time and extended operational period make the Magnum 550 the clear leader in its class. Also great for band special effects and Spinal Tap moments!  For more info see our Questions page

Source Aquastream Haze generator
800 watt quiet operation. A hazer produces a translucent 'haze' that provides an atmospheric medium through which light beams look their best. A hazer is essential to get the best out of stage profiles, spots and washes, and can be used in DJ situations, where a smoke generator might otherwise set off smoke detectors, in hotel function rooms for instance.
Complete with controller/timer and premium grade haze fluid. For more info, see our Questions page

Chauvet** DMX TFX FS360 Follow-Spot
Powerful 2-channel DMX-512 followspot, with ultrabright 360W bulb
• Colour wheel with 7 dichroic colours plus open: Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, magenta, UV purple• Electronic dimmer• Mechanical iris• Manual focus• Single gobo slot
• Includes 4 easily interchangeable gobos, Micro-stepping motors, Complete with castored/lockable tripod for easy operation. Give your show a professional look.

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